About Us

About Us

A Strong Health Complex Suitable For Turkey

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Sağlık Önceliğimiz

Our Health Priority Continuing its presence in the sector with the mission that nothing is as important as people and health, Esencan laid the foundations of Private Esencan Hospital in 2011 and was built as a strong health complex worthy of developing Turkey. Private Esencan Hospital, which prioritizes strengthening and improving its technology, team and service, continues to accept patients with its advanced technology since 18 November 2013 and takes firm steps forward in raising health standards without compromising medical ethical principles.



The most important value for us is honesty. We work in a completely transparent manner.

Patient Satisfaction

We continue to improve ourselves for 100% patient satisfaction.


We take care to be accessible under all circumstances, taking technology as a guide.


We care about personnel training in order to keep up with each new day.


Being the pioneer institution in delivering world-class modern innovations and quality health services to the majority of the society is the first element that constitutes our vision. In addition to increasing your quality of life with the health services we offer, it enriches our vision to create a model in Turkey and to be one of the reference health institutions in the world by continuing to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their relatives.


In the light of the latest developments and scientific data, we adopt a patient-oriented treatment approach. We apply all diagnosis and treatment methods without compromising the principles of medical ethics, and we serve our patients in a modern hospital environment with our expert and academic physician staff.