Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery

About the Chapter

Brain and Nerve Surgery, which is defined as “neurosurgery” in medical language; It offers comprehensive services for the diagnosis, treatment and care of all disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

Brain and Nerve Surgery unit is the department of our hospital where different types of medical interventions are performed, from minimally invasive procedures to intracranial surgical procedures such as tumor operations. Brain and Nerve Surgery; In addition to the problems directly related to the brain and spinal cord tissue, it focuses on problems that may damage these tissues by external pressure or neighborhood, congenital deformities and damages that may occur as a result of traumas, and the realization of treatments.

Medical professionals working in the Department of Brain and Nerve Surgery request examination, imaging, neurophysiological evaluation and laboratory examinations after the patient applies to the health center. After that, clinical and radiological follow-up is carried out to identify the problem and the most appropriate treatment for the patient is established with a multidisciplinary team.

If the treatment necessitates the surgical procedure, the operation is performed with appropriate technical support and the most up-to-date and medical equipment. After the operation, he continues to observe the patient through intensive care or service follow-up appropriate to the patient’s condition.

In the Neurosurgery unit, in addition to adult neurosurgery services, pediatric neurosurgery also provides treatments for children and young adults.

The unit, which consists of medical professionals qualified in the field of brain and neurosurgery, provides diagnosis, treatment and observation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Neurosurgery Unit Related Services


Tumors originating from the inside of the brain or spinal cord tissue or causing problems by pressing on it from the outside,

Diseases such as aneurysm (ballooning), arteriovenous malformation, cavernoma of the vessels feeding the brain tissue or spinal cord, stenosis in the neck vessels we call carotid stenosis,

Disorders that develop during the formation of the nervous system, such as meningomyelocele associated with birth, The increase in the amount of fluid in the brain cavities, which is called hydrocephalus,

All kinds of spinal diseases, especially lumbar hernia, Spinal deformities such as scoliosis or kyphosis, Head and spinal cord injuries It deals with the surgical treatment of brain hemorrhages.

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