Hastalıklarda Erken Tanı

Check-Up ile Mümkün!

Check-up, vücudun genel sağlık durumunu ortaya koyar. Tüm tahlil ve tetkik sonuçlarından oluşan inceleme ile de risk faktörlerinin önüne geçilebilir.
What is Check-Up?

Check-Up ile Aile Sağlığınızı Koruyun

Annual health screening can be life-saving, especially in people with genetic predisposition.

Check-Up, which is an important element of preventive health services, provides important tips for maintaining a healthy life, and has serious benefits such as reducing the risk of disease and increasing the chance of early diagnosis and treatment. The Check-Up unit is the unit where these regular check-ups, which are one of the ways to reduce the number of patients requiring medical treatment or surgery, are provided by specialist health personnel.
While the Check-Up unit provides the necessary patient-physician organization to reveal potential health problems with regular health checks, it works for the patient to receive the right treatment quickly by avoiding serious complications with early diagnosis. As it is known, in the early period, with appropriate treatment, the chances of living a healthy life are quite high.

Check-Up Yaptırmak Neden Önemli?

Check-Up is a very useful application that reduces the risk of getting sick and increases the chance of treatment, especially in the early detection of potentially life-threatening diseases. By closely monitoring existing conditions and limiting the risk of complications, these controls make it possible to avoid expensive medical services, as well as prolong life and improve health.

However, Check-Up is a very functional application, especially in terms of evaluating risk factors for serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. For people who have any chronic disease along with these diseases, these regular check-ups play an important role in the follow-up of their health status.
Not only in case of illness, but also in certain time periods, contacting the physician and requesting an examination also enables the physician to analyze his patient better. So much so that the physician can diagnose a developing problem in the patient and a sudden decrease in health status in this way. This also ensures the continuity of medical records. In the Check-Up unit, the records of all treatments and tests that the patient has taken are in the file, and these records can be accessed easily and completely if necessary.
Another benefit of Check-Up is that it allows detailed analysis of personal risk factors. A personalized health care is provided to the patient by evaluating the risks with regular controls.
It is especially important for people aged 50 and over to have a check-up at least once a year.

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You can get information and appointments by contacting our award-winning call center.

Düzenli kontroller ile erken dönemde teşhisi mümkün olan başlıca hastalıklar şöyledir:

  • Colon cancer / colon polyps (via colonoscopy),
  • Breast cancer (via mammography),
  • Prostate cancer / prostatic hyperplasia (through blood tests),
  • Uterine cancer (via smear test),
  • Genital warts – HPV (via smear test),
  • Diabetes (through diabetes tests),
  • Anemia / anemia (via blood test),
  • Kidney and urinary tract diseases (via urine test),
  • Goiter (through T3 – T4 function tests),
  • Liver diseases (through function tests ALT – AST),
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride related diseases,
  • Gallbladder disorders,
  • Pancreatic diseases,
  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • Thyroid and related disorders,
  • Blood and bone diseases,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Lung diseases,
  • Brain and nerve diseases,
  • Eye diseases,
  • Bladder cancer,
  • Ear, nose, throat diseases.
You can get information and appointments by contacting our award-winning call center.

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