Emergency and Ambulance Services

Emergency and Ambulance Services

Our emergency department is open 24 hours a day and serves approximately 30,000 patients per year. The emergency service, which is supported by all branches in the hospital during the day, is supported by orthopedics, anesthesia, obstetrics, pediatrics and radiology specialists who keep watch in their own units in the hospital at night. In the emergency department, which serves with a multidisciplinary approach, our physicians from other specialties reach our emergency department in a very short time when necessary. In the emergency room, which is equipped with modern medical devices, the first treatment and observations of the patients are made in the observation rooms. In addition, first interventions and examinations can be done in intervention rooms and other technically equipped rooms without losing time. In our hospital, all laboratory tests can be performed 24 hours a day, with the support of radiology specialists, with imaging facilities such as magnetic resonance, computed tomography, and ultrasonography.

We have adult and newborn intensive care units equipped with the latest technology that we can use for our patients who are brought to our Emergency Department and need intensive care. Our Emergency Service is a group A hospital emergency service equipped for all medical and surgical emergencies, both as a team and equipment.

Equipment of the Emergency Service

Except in very urgent cases when the resuscitation team is called due to cardiac and respiratory arrest, patients who apply to the emergency department are evaluated and their vital signs (respiration, fever, pulse, blood pressure) are measured. Then, the patient is taken to the appropriate room according to his urgency and illness and is examined by the emergency physician. As a result of the examinations and evaluations completed as soon as possible, our emergency service specialist may request further examination from the patient or consultation from the on-duty branch physician, if necessary. The purpose of each examination, treatment and consultation, the waiting period and the cost for stable patients are first explained to the patient in detail and his approval is obtained.

The team providing emergency health services at Esencan Hospital always meticulously comply with patient rights. In this context, no disclosures are made to third parties in accordance with the principle of “respect for privacy”, except for the disclosure to be made to the patient and, if he or she permits, a companion. However, every patient who applies to our emergency service has the right to call his doctor, if any, to ask us to inform him about his condition or to request a specialist from any branch to evaluate him.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service has a staff of nurses and health officers who are experienced in first aid. Our vehicles are arranged in accordance with the ambulance regulation of the Ministry of Health. You can reach our ambulances, which provide 24-hour uninterrupted service and have all the necessary equipment and technology, whenever you want.