Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the integrity of all kinds of data necessary for the support and maintenance of the Services we provide to our customers, to archive them in accordance with the legal regulations, to prevent their sharing with third parties other than the medical team that will carry out the diagnosis and treatment;

Required software and hardware have been determined, Necessary resources are allocated in order to provide the necessary software and hardware uninterruptedly, What needs to be done in terms of protecting customer information has been conveyed to our personnel through trainings, and their responsibilities with business contracts have been put into writing,

In order to back up all data, the necessary infrastructure has been determined and the responsible persons have been defined,

All kinds of access operations (reading, changing, deleting, adding) in our hospital information system are limited, Customer (Patient) files and information are only given to our patients, their relatives to whom they have given written consent, the relevant public institutions and organizations within the framework of health legislation, and the competent judicial authorities in judicial cases. The 3 basic principles of our hospital regarding information security are confidentiality, integrity and accessibility by the authorities.Data Security and Right to Apply Your requests within the scope of the law, by filling out the “Application Form” in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Law” at the “” web address;

Baglarçeşme district 19 Mayıs Bulvarı No:18 Esenyurt / İSTANBUL address, You can send it through a notary, You can send it to with secure electronic or mobile signature, via your registered e-mail address or your e-mail address registered in our system.

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