Our Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System

Our quality policy One of the most important components of the “right to life”, which is the fundamental right that all people have, is the right to health and a healthy life.

In this direction, an exemplary management and operating system that continuously improves itself by keeping patient and employee safety at the highest level, using continuous measurement and improvement mechanisms, providing all kinds of training support to contribute to the professional and personal development of its employees, and to develop an exemplary management and operating system.

Our Sample Applications

With the E-Order application, it is possible to minimize treatment errors, save time, paper and labor and examine the treatment process instantly and in detail. Our Hospital has switched to the Mobile Dr. application in order to completely eliminate the verbal order regarding drug applications, which is an important element of patient safety. Our physicians will be able to follow patient information with their mobile phones and give E-Orders outside the hospital. Thanks to this application, we aim to prevent all errors caused by misunderstandings. In order to be a paperless hospital with the awareness of respect for the environment, we have minimized the use of paper by uploading all our forms to HIMS.

We aim to create an exemplary manager model by providing personal coaching trainings for all our managers. By starting a personal development training program for all our employees, we provide free training with private trainers to our employees. We create opportunities for all our employees to develop themselves and discover their talents. Thus, we aim to train quality managers of the future. In order for our patients to receive more comfortable service and save time, we send E-Prescription passwords to their mobile phones as SMS.

We ensure that our patients receive their examination results online without coming to the hospital. We are trying to ensure a smooth pregnancy and birth process by providing training to all our pregnant women with the pregnancy school program. We contribute to the development of all healthcare professionals by organizing free seminars and symposiums for all healthcare professionals in the region.