Mouth and Dental Health

Mouth and Dental Health

About the Chapter

Oral and Dental Health Unit is the department of our hospital where some changes in tooth and jaw structure are carried out within modern medical procedures in order to eliminate various dental complaints.

Along with the teeth, the treatment of gums and jawbones is carried out in the department, where hard and soft tissues; It covers the area of ​​expertise that focuses on functional and aesthetic improvement. With this aspect, Esencan Hospital oral and dental health unit; It can be defined as a health unit that provides the clinical treatment needed by the patient for problems related to teeth, gums and jawbones, in minimal periods and with the least discomfort.

In addition to some congenital dental disorders and deficiencies, the oral and dental health unit is home to specialist physicians who are qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. Physicians, who know that each treatment should be designed specifically for the patient, decide on the most appropriate treatment for the patient after clinical evaluations and perform an interdisciplinary study when necessary.

When the treatment is decided, the patient is informed about both the procedure (with explanation of the benefits and risks) and the cost, and the whole process is completed in a transparent manner. In addition, any changes to be made in the treatment are notified to the patient, and the patient is provided to have an idea at every stage of the treatment process.

In order to complete dental treatments in a comfortable and worry-free manner for the patient, the unit where the devices and techniques used in the field of oral and dental health recently (digital X-Ray imaging, laser-assisted dental applications) are preferred, diagnosis, treatment and observation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. serves for.

Oral and Dental Health Unit Related Services

The following operations are carried out within the oral and dental health unit:

  • Implant Surgery,
  • Braces Applications,
  • Aesthetic Tooth Filling Treatment,
  • Root Canal Treatment,
  • Teeth whitening,
  • Fixed and Removable Prosthesis Applications,
  • Dental Bonding Applications,
  • Tooth Extraction & Surgical Extraction of Impacted Teeth,
  • Dentoalveolar Surgery,
  • Arthrocentesis (Intra-Joint Washing),
  • Dental Bridge Applications,
  • Jaw Bone Cyst Treatment & Cyst Operations,
  • Gum Treatments (Periodontology),
  • Sinus Lifting Operation (Sine Lifting),
  • Jaw – Facial Traumas & Fractures Treatment,
  • Graft Operations (Autogenous Graft, Iliac Graft, Tibial Graft, Calvarial Graft, Ramus Graft, Symphysis Graft, Allogeneic Graft),
  • Dental Treatments for Disabled Patients,
  • Root Tip Treatment (Apical Resection),
  • Correction of Jaw Bones Before Prosthesis Procedure (Alveoloplasty),
  • Vestibuloplasty,
  • Alveolar Crest Augmentation,
  • Intraoral Lesion Treatment,
  • Conservative Treatment Methods,
  • Orthognathic Surgery,
  • Treatment of Inflammation in the Oral and Maxillofacial Region.
  • Alternative special treatments are also carried out in the oral and dental health unit.

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